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acreenshot00BadLands RoadTrip is a physics gun, open world, action adventure where you build your own gun and fight the robot apocalypse that happened just last week! Test your engineering skills, rely on your tactical combat wits or just go in guns blazing. It’s your style and your choice.


Open world


In BadLands RoadTrip you will explore a great, open world. You can go anywhere you want and explore, travel, terrorize or gawk to your heart’s content. The quests are non-linear, so you get to choose what to do.

Build a gun


You’ll have a wide variety of parts and projectiles to choose from, all ranging from slightly useful to silly meme fodder. Build what you want. In the end, it will all hurt the baddy at the business end.

Bring your friends


Being alone is overrated. You can play BadLands RoadTrip over LAN with as many friends as you like (even if that number is zero). Go on an adventure together, share your insane guns or just dump marbles through a ridge, it’s your choice.


Come and play

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